About Bradford Pilcher

I'm the former Managing Editor for American Jewish Life and Jewsweek.com before that. I've worked as a journalist and a graphic designer, I've dabbled a bit in professional politics, and I have two, largely useless, degrees from Georgia State University. One is in Film, the other is in Religious Studies. I'm from Atlanta, the south, and I'm a Jewish convert.

28 Days, 28 Ideas: Idea #9

By February 9, 2010

As I read through the collection of ideas  — big and small, new and not-so-new — that make up this project, I’m struck by how many of them are attempted game changers. Even the ideas that aren’t big, huge, transformative … Read More

Predatory Bank Barons are God’s Humble Warriors

By November 9, 2009

Lloyd Blankfein is the chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs. In 1869, a German-Jewish immigrant named Marcus Goldman founded the company. Thirteen years later, the little commercial paper dealer celebrated its bar mitzvah by bringing on Goldman’s son-in-law, Samuel Sachs. … Read More

The Holocaust… Not Just for Jews

By June 15, 2009

“The Holocaust is a uniquely Jewish event.” So sayeth Assemblyman Dov Hikind, representative of Brooklyn. You might not be aware that Nazi Germany, in addition to murdering six million Jews, also managed to snuff out the lives of some five … Read More

From a Citizen, Humble Advice for the Leader of the Free World

By January 23, 2009

I like to remind people of the link between Chicago and Washington, D.C. It extends beyond the newest president. The National Mall, what President Obama looked out upon after taking the oath of office, exists in its current gleaming form … Read More

Conversations with Fraud

By January 7, 2009

Beliefnet, that bastion of complex and nuanced writing on all things religious, was hit with a plagiarism scandal this week. To start off the new year, this repository of the hardest hitting coverage of the religious milieu was forced to … Read More

Bashing Nazis, or How to Feel Morally Superior

By December 18, 2008

There is a three-year-old named Hitler. His name is Adolf Hitler Campbell. His sister, one year younger, is named JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell. His other sibling, not yet one year old, is named Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, which may seem … Read More

Holocaust, Couldn’t Care Less

By December 17, 2008

I still remember the first time I sat down at Yad Vashem in Israel. I wasn’t yet a Jew, hadn’t even found the rabbi with whom I would spend a year studying one-on-one. Nevertheless, on what was an idyllic summer … Read More

A Non-Countercultural Thesis on the Subject of Change

By December 2, 2008

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory." W. Edwards Deming, who you’ve likely never heard of, said that. He was a statistician and an engineer, and after World War II he proceeded to turn the Japanese auto … Read More