David F Slone Esq

Don't let the Esq fool you: David is not a practicing attorney. After three years of toiling away at an Ivy League law school, he figured that he might as well keep the honorific. What he is is an actor, singer, songwriter, remix artist and all around performer. He is one of the producers of Nutcracker: Rated R, which will be returning to New York this December, and which you really ought to see. As for food, the man has eaten more of it in the past four decades than most folks do in a lifetime.

Thus far, the press quote that he pulls out most often is:

With his deep, basso profundo, Slone devours his musical numbers with a panache one would expect to see on Broadway. – William S. Gooch, III, www.newyorkcool.com, writing about My Inner Mark Berman

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