About David Kelsey

David Kelsey has been published in Forward, Heeb, Downtown Express, and The Villager, is a former editor of Jewschool, and has his own blog, The Kvetcher.

Making Aliyah, American Style

By September 9, 2009

Why would an American Jew emigrate anywhere? Why is the draw to live in Israel so powerful for these olim [immigrants]? I was one of a few embedded bloggers on the 40th flight of immigrants to Israel from North America … Read More

Off to the Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention

By August 30, 2009

I am pleased (if a little surprised) to announce that I will be representing Jewcy at the Nefesh B’Nefesh sponsored Second International Jewish Bloggers Convention as a panelist. It’s been many years since I left Israel in a huff, and began a long … Read More

Big Aish Denounces Missionaries’ “Deception and Slick Marketing to Appeal to Uninformed Jews”

By August 26, 2009

Christian missionaries’ deceptive marketing, that is. David Linn, an administrator of the Beyond BT blog, writes in "The Year of the Seed" on Aish.com that, The Seed, like all messianic Jewish congregations, used deception and slick marketing to appeal to uninformed Jews … Read More

Former Baal Teshuvah Protests His Innocence

By August 3, 2009

Today, David Kelsey released a press release protesting his innocence. Kelsey told Jewcy, “I felt I needed to clarify my status after the unfortunate, unremitting events of the past few weeks. While it is true that I went through an ultra-Orthodox phase in my youth, I think … Read More

The Blood of Some is Sweeter Than the Blood of Others

By July 14, 2009

I can’t believe that as a NYC Jew, I am turning to a group called "Bikers4Freedom" to make the case against expanded Hate Crimes laws. But unfortunately, Jewish groups are not challenging these bills. Rather, Jewish groups like the ADL … Read More

I Was Wrong About the Ultra-Orthodox

By July 6, 2009

I have long insisted that ultra-Orthodoxy contains viewpoints that are not only contemptuous of others, but are even downright hateful.  But something happened this weekend in Jerusalem that made me reconsider my previous position. You see, I may be wrong about … Read More

Reform Woman Decries Big Aish Deception

By July 3, 2009

Aish HaTorah is the largest ultra-Orthodox "outreach" movement outside of Chabad. But unlike Chabad, Big Aish does not reveal that it is an ultra-Orthodox proselytizing organization. Preferably, Big Aish does not want you to know that it is Orthodox at all.  In fact, … Read More

The Flaw of Orthodox Kiruv (Outreach) on One Foot

By June 26, 2009

The flaw of Big Kiruv is ultimately the same one that has ravaged traditional Judaism for centuries. It is why we left in the first place. It is why today, most Jews are not Orthodox, and will never be Orthodox, … Read More