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The Blood of Some is Sweeter Than the Blood of Others

I can’t believe that as a NYC Jew, I am turning to a group called "Bikers4Freedom" to make the case against expanded Hate Crimes laws. But unfortunately, Jewish groups are not challenging these bills. Rather, Jewish groups like the ADL are the very worst offenders.

People should be treated equally under the law. So why is prioritizing dissent a right-wing position? Shouldn’t all of us who reject racial Marxism be outraged?

Attorney General Eric Holder promised an "honest conversation" about race. Well, to be fair, he is being honest. Honest that victims who aren’t of the protected classes are less equal than than those who are. Just watch the video.

What is the ADL defending against? Fairness. When it comes to policy, the ADL is not content to fight mistreatment of Jews…the ADL fights for selective treatment of Jews. That’s not the behavior of a "defense" group. That’s the behavior of a supremacist group. The ADL obsesses over haters because it takes one to know one. 


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