About Heshy Fried

"Heshy Fried takes humorous situations and idiosyncrasies inherent with living an observant lifestyle and rants about them in both a highly animated and humorous manner. I would describe him sort of as the “Frum Dennis Miller.”

Heshy offends orthodox Jews multiple times daily in his blog Frum Satire and you can see his rants, skits and live performances on his You Tube page.



Don’t Worry About Your Rabbi – Prison is Quite Frum

By July 27, 2009

So your Rabbi was arrested for stealing millions of dollars or selling kidneys on eBay. Shul may never be the same without his sermons preaching about the evils of money, but that doesn’t mean he won’t still be religious – … Read More

Seeking Minyan, Will Travel

By July 22, 2009

 A lot of Jewcy readers may not realize this, but the last time I openly spoke about going to a minyan of non-orthodox Jews on my blog, it seemed like I would be burned at the stake – my post … Read More

Burning Dumpsters and Rioting Doesn’t Show the Beauty of Shabbat

By July 17, 2009

I bid goodbye to my friend Josh at Kikar Shabbat. We had expected some riots, but there were none and we both turned toward home, let down by the seemingly non-violence of the Charedim. I walked toward the Beis Yisroel … Read More

Orthodox Jewish Hatred of Obama is Fine, But Racism is Not!

By June 10, 2009

By now most of the Jewish world has seen the infamous video of Max Blumenthal interviewing kids on Ben Yehuda Street about their feelings towards Obama. The video is disgusting, shocking and a terrible shonda – unless you find yourself … Read More

Non-observant Jews Demand More Rights at Religious Weddings

By May 21, 2009

The NAAJP (National Association for the Advancement of Jewish People) announced a classs action lawsuit against several orthodox wedding halls around the New York area today, citing that the segregation of secular relatives and guests at ultra orthodox weddings at … Read More

Does Picking Up Fallen Change Make Jews Look Cheap?

By May 9, 2009

I am walking down the street and suddenly I see a penny on the ground, I resist the urge to bend down and grab it and keep walking. I think about the penny on the ground and walk back, casually … Read More

Orthodox Jews Don’t Drink Manischewitz

By May 6, 2009

The only reason I have ever witnessed Orthodox Jews drink Manischewitz is because my yeshiva was located 60 miles from their winery and would get free wine in return for the slave labor offered them in the form of rabbinical … Read More

Birchat Hachamah is Way Overrated

By April 7, 2009

Birchat Hachama, for those who don’t know, is the pagan-turned-Jewish tradition of blessing the sun, and its being made a big deal of mostly because of the rapidly expanding holes in the ozone layer which have many environmental groups mad … Read More