About Heshy Fried

"Heshy Fried takes humorous situations and idiosyncrasies inherent with living an observant lifestyle and rants about them in both a highly animated and humorous manner. I would describe him sort of as the “Frum Dennis Miller.”

Heshy offends orthodox Jews multiple times daily in his blog Frum Satire and you can see his rants, skits and live performances on his You Tube page.



What is Frum Porn?

By February 3, 2010

By now I am sure you have all heard of Shaindy.com, which is a website catering to Orthodox Jews who want to meet other Orthodox Jews for extra-marital affairs. I am also sure you have browsed through – and laughed … Read More

What Non-Jews May Think of Some Jewish Rituals

By January 26, 2010

There has been a lot of talk about the Tefillin bomb scare, and quite frankly, I understand where these people are coming from. Imagine some bearded individual whips out a strange device that looks like it could either be a … Read More

Is the Torah Outdated and Irrelevant?

By December 31, 2009

Blogger Israeli Mom made the following comment on a post I wrote about the Yeshiva University gay symposium.   “The gay issue is one of those things that prove to me just how outdated and irrelevant the torah is as … Read More

Picking Up Chicks at Yizkor

By September 25, 2009

It seems that the best time to hit on girls at shul is at Yizkor. Their parents are usually inside and you can use pickup lines like "both my parents are alive, wanna party?" or "I see you still have … Read More

How Facebook and Google Killed Blind Dating

By September 21, 2009

Are blind dates dead? Is the matchmaking industry going the way of the American automakers? I was doing Google girl searches for a long time before it became acceptable to admit this. Back before Google became an official verb, I … Read More

What Happens at the West Indian Parade Stays at the West Indian Parade

By September 10, 2009

I posted the following video on my blog and people can’t believe the guy in it might be Jewish. Well, let’s see, the guy is wearing a white shirt and black pants, he is in Crown Heights and he has … Read More

Your Satirical Guide to Jewish Print Media

By September 1, 2009

There is no dearth of reading material for the Jewish community, newspapers and magazines are readily available and here is my take on them. I am sure I left some out, but these are the one’s I have looked at … Read More

When Our Rebbe Taught Us About Anal Sex

By July 30, 2009

By Schwartzie, a contributor to my blog  I remember the day in ninth grade when my rebbe was faced with the awkward task of explaining the concept of anal sex.  "Ah, boys," he told us, "lets say you have some … Read More