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Hanukkah Glitter Rock (For a Cause)

By December 21, 2011

The closest thing you will get to a Marc Bolan Hanukkah song. Read More

Jews, Christmas, Etc.

By December 19, 2011

One Jew’s Christmas concessions. Read More

What Jews Do On Christmas: Go Back To The Desert

By December 16, 2011

Just in case you don’t have plans and/or a private jet at your disposal. Read More

The World Tries Its Best To Deal With Post-Beard Matisyahu

By December 14, 2011

Day one of Matisyahu without a beard. We can do it together. Read More

Bad Weekend For Jewish Sports Fans

By December 12, 2011

I guess this weekend we had the Jewish “Say it ain’t so, Joe” moment Read More

John Zorn Wants You To Have A Jazzy Little Christmas

By December 12, 2011

John Zorn is the head Tzadik who wants you to enjoy Christmas a bit more. Read More

My Big Ol’ Jewish Wedding: A Quick Note To The “Rabbi On The Go”

By December 8, 2011

There’s a rabbi who will marry anybody. As a Jew about to have a Jewish wedding, I think that sorta sucks. Read More

So You’re Saying Raiders Of The Lost Ark Isn’t Accurate?

By December 7, 2011

There’s nothing left to dream about with the news that the Ark of the Covenant has been sitting in a church THIS WHOLE TIME. Read More