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Why Downton Abbey Is The Least Jewish Show On Television

We knew there was a reason there were no Jews at Downton!

Nathan Englander and Nora Ephron

A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a play from a short story, with readings…

Is The Missionary Church Of Kopimism The New Judaism?

If you’re looking for a new religion and like file sharing, then we’ve got just the thing for you

Two Jews And Fred Armisen Walk Into A Club…

Thao and Mirah (Yom Tov Zeitlyn) joined Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen on the San Francisco stop of the Portlandia tour to bust out an 80s hip hop classic.

Adam Kirsch CliffsNotes: Giorgio Bassani And The Jews Of Italy

Taking quick stock of Giorgio Bassani and other European Jews who made it through World War 2.

Jews And Germans Work Together To Make Sperm

Scientists from Israel and Germany have created lab-grown sperm by successfully simulating the environment found in testicles with the jelly in a Petri dish.

1st Bad Jewish Idea of 2012: Dressing Up Like You’re In A Concentration Camp

Laying out a PR plan for Jews who like to dress up like they’re at Bergen-Belsen.

How To Have A Dr. Brown’s Hanukkah Cocktail Party

We take a classic Jewish staple and booze it up just in time for your Hanukkah party.