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1st Bad Jewish Idea of 2012: Dressing Up Like You’re In A Concentration Camp

You’ve got people saying you’re the “Jewish Taliban,” and you pick on little girls to prove some sort of point.  If you’re on the side of the 1,000+ ultra-Orthodox who were protesting against the “oppression” of your beliefs (including gender separation), your best strategy right now might be the whole try and catch more bees with honey thing–maybe hire some PR person to try and soften your image, and get people to understand your point of view, no matter how ass backwards most thinking people believe it to be.

Instead, you dress up like you’re in Auschwitz and protest people persecuting you; an idea that 9.5 times out of 10 will only make people despise you more.

So you have a pretty big PR crisis on your hands, where do you go from here?

1. Maybe consider shaving your beards to deflect attention from your stupid decisions? People really care when Jews shave their beards.

2.  Maybe get Tim Tebow to be your celebrity spokesperson? Everybody loves Tim Tebow, and he’d probably love a free trip to Israel after the Broncos are eliminated from the playoffs.

3.  Instead of dressing up like you’re in a concentration camp, maybe you just have some dancing Hasid flashmob?  People love dancing Jews.

4. Maybe stop persecuting people, apologize for your bad decisions, don’t pick on little kids, and try to live and let live?  While we’re guessing this is impossible, it might be the only real course of action to take.

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