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Why Downton Abbey Is The Least Jewish Show On Television

Remember that time I said that Boardwalk Empire was the most Jewish show on television?  Downton Abbey, the hugely popular British costume drama that takes place in the decade preceding the Roaring 20s, is the exact opposite of HBO’s popular series by having no Jewish story lines, no Jewish characters, and taking a look at the show’s Wikipedia, no Jewish directors, and no Jews composing the opening theme.

Maybe the reason that best explains this phenomenon (it’s 2012!  You can’t watch anything on TV without some Jewish influence) is that Jews have been discouraged to settle in the county the show takes place in (North Yorkshire) for centuries thanks in no small part to a 12th century massacre where the entire population was lost.  While Jews have since returned to the area, the population of York has never fully recovered, and that might explain why Lord Grantham doesn’t have any friends name Moishe trying to marry his daughters.

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