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Birth Writing: The End Of The End

By March 30, 2011

A birthday, the Kotel, the Holocaust Museum, some drinking, and a lot of reflection on the last days of a Birthright Israel trip. Read More

Birth Writing: The Beginning Of The End

By March 22, 2011

Sun, mud, sweat, booze, and pills. Just another day in Israel. Read More

Birth Writing: Ancient Secrets Of The Negev Desert

By March 15, 2011

You know it had to be a good night in Israel when it starts off with “We had woken that morning in Tel Aviv, bleary eyed and hung-over.” Read More

Birth Writing: Hear, O Israel

By March 8, 2011

Still down and out in Israel. This time with 100% more tears. Read More

Birth Writing: Fear And Loathing In Tel Aviv

By March 2, 2011

More drinking and stumbling through Israel. This time with Kanye West quotes. Read More

Birth Writing: All The Young Dudes

By February 23, 2011

I wasn’t sick just yet, but in a very Israeli manner, it was a preemptive strike to secure my borders. Read More

Birth Writing: The New Normal

By February 15, 2011

The continuing adventures of an American drinking his way through Israel on a Birthright tour. Read More

Birth Writing: Jerusalem Outskirts

By February 8, 2011

Jay Judah gets cozy in Jerusalem. More drinking, more failed attempts at speaking Hebrew. Read More