About Joseph Braude

Joseph Braude is a columnist for The New Republic and author of The New Iraq (Basic Books, 2003). His work also appears periodically in Playboy, Radar, and West: The Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine.

Qatar’s Righteous Gentile

By April 12, 2007

Judeo-Arabic American Joseph Braude sends us his fourth dispatch from the Middle East. Doha, Qatar — If blame for domestic violence rests in part with neighbors who sit idly by, then the slaughter of 400,000-and-counting Darfuri African Muslims in Sudan … Read More

No Minyan in Manama

By February 20, 2007

In his third dispatch from the Middle East, Judeo-Arabic American Joseph Braude reports on the travails of the Arabian peninsula's only Jewish community. Manama, Bahrain — The Jewish community in this micro-kingdom of 35 islands in the Arabian Gulf was … Read More

The Beauty and Danger of Arabic Music

By January 3, 2007

The day I stop by Kuwait’s High Institute of Musical Arts, veiled Kuwaiti women and men in white dishdashas shuffle in and out of the austere, echoey front foyer, clutching their instruments. The conservatory occupies a nondescript, one-story building tucked … Read More

Adventures in Arabia

By November 24, 2006

“Il’an Abuk!” curses a mother of four, veiled in black, in Kuwaiti dialect. She’s eager to board the plane, but her tiniest is still fumbling with the visor of his Homer Simpson baseball cap—much the way his bearded father fusses … Read More