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Did Extreme Right Austrian Publisher Publish Ratzinger Without His Permission?

By February 11, 2009

The Pope is in hot water with Austrian politicians after an article he wrote that appeared in a right-wing publication over a decade ago has surfaced. The Vienna daily “Österreich” reports on February 10 Greens’ MP Karl Öllinger had said … Read More

A Challenge for the Church

By January 30, 2009

Reading the news about the reintegration of a notorious Holocaust denier into the Catholic Church, as well as the open letter of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to the Chief Rabbi of Austria and the Jewish community on the occasion of Holocaust … Read More

Right Wing Extremist Elected Austrian Parliament President

By October 29, 2008

Martin Graf, a member of the extreme right “Olympia” organization, has been elected as the third president of the Austrian parliament with 109 votes (out of a total of 182). Parliamentarians from the Green Party held up a poster declaring: … Read More

The Return of Hungarian Anti-Semitism

By October 20, 2008

Anti-Semitism is tolerated in Hungary, not only in its crudest form when a uniformed rabble marches in the streets or when neo-Nazi provoke Jews before their synagogues. It is also part and parcel of Hungarian right-wing politics. Usually anti-Semitism is … Read More