About Mason Lerner

Mason Lerner is a stand-up comedian who writes a small business column for The Houston Chronicle. He usually hosts Punchline, a stand-up comedy show, for That Other Paper in Austin, TX.

Invitation-Only Judaism: A New Religious Primer

By September 14, 2007

Here is one more reason that excommunication is one of my goals: Once front-row tickets to shul are more expensive than court-side seats at a Laker's game, it's time to check out. I am not sure what it would take … Read More

Jew Lost Me At Hello

By August 30, 2007

Noah Graff, the online reality dater behind "Jew Complete Me," just reminded me why I am dating a shiksa. But mostly he just made me feel sorry for Jewish women. A few days ago, he hit me with a friend … Read More

Doc Brown Was Jewish, Right?

By August 23, 2007

An Israeli scientist has figured out how a time machine might work. Once we get that thing bangin' and slangin', how do you think the Jewish people should use it to change history? No saying that we should assassinate Hitler. … Read More

My Big Celebrity Poker Schmooze

By August 14, 2007

In my first ever Jewcy blog post, I lamented the fact that I didn't have anyone's coattails to ride to fame. It's funny how fast things can change. Not that I am necessarily any closer to fame and fortune, but … Read More

Who Doesn’t Want to Kick Andy Dick’s Ass?

By July 24, 2007

Is there anybody in the world that doesn't want to kick Andy Dick's ass? "Some people just need hittin." That's what the fat, pervy looking guy in Daisy Dukes that used to check membership cards at the JCC told me … Read More

What I Wouldn’t Give For Larry David’s Miserable Life

By July 23, 2007

It's official. I just read on TMZ (and let's face it, TMZ.com has almost gained Enquirer-like respectability) that Larry David is getting a divorce. And while the news is slightly less disappointing then finding out he is not actually married … Read More