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Guess Jew?

By June 15, 2007

My BFF Hannah sent me a video her pals made. They said "Thank you for putting this on the website, we really appreciate it". Apparently it took four people (David Storch, Mike Api, Evan Menak, Christopher Vespoli) to make this.

Aleks Sennwald Loves Light Bulbs

By May 22, 2007

Aleks Sennwald is this week's featured artist. Check out this cool video she made about compact fluorescent (energy saving) light bulbs. It's like that Smashing Pumpkins video for "Tonight, Tonight", only with light bulbs instead of the aeroplane and a … Read More

Jesse Olanday

By May 15, 2007

Parasha Rachinsky

By May 9, 2007

Michael Scott Berman

By May 1, 2007

Cut & Paste

By April 25, 2007

This week's featured artist, Jim Kaufmann, recently curated a collage show at the TAG Art Gallery in Nashville. A recent piece from his blog is below, followed by some of the work displayed at the show.

Alex Gross

By April 10, 2007

Alex Gross is this week's featured artist. Here's a great description from his book: Surrealist artist Alex Gross features striking, dreamlike imagery that transcends category. Gross paints a haunting m lange of fairytale, allegory, history, and pop culture, fusing eastern … Read More

A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases

By March 27, 2007