About Michelle Threadgould

Michelle is a filmmaker and writer from San Francisco. She currently resides in Brooklyn.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?

By February 1, 2008

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors, written by Adam Klasfeld, is an absurdist play about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Klasfeld is making a name for himself with surreal plays focusing on the human root of political problems — his docu-drama about Mark … Read More

Dear Mr President: Israelis and Palestinians Take a Road Trip

By December 14, 2007

Debra Sugarman's documentary, Dear Mr. President, is about an arts camp she founded in New Mexico designed to bring Israeli and Palestinian youth together.  I met Debra on the set of a documentary called The Voices Project; she was the … Read More

Muslim Widows Start A Revolution

By November 30, 2007

Pickles was the most challenging and touching documentary that I saw at the Other Israel Film Festival. A moving film about the limitations of faith and culture, it follows the lives of eight Muslim widows who start a pickling factory … Read More

Revital Melech: An Interview with an Israeli Pastry Chef

By November 20, 2007

Revital Melech is an Israeli pastry-chef that has a flair for breaking with tradition. Her desserts are not only sweet- they are complex and provocative. At Abboccato, an upscale Italian restaurant that she works for in Mid-town Manhattan, Revital reinvents … Read More

The Other Israel Film Festival

By November 19, 2007

The mission of the Other Israel Film Festival is to expose the lives of Muslims that live in Israel. I am behind the mission of the festival. I am interested in the Muslim perspective in Israel and I am interested … Read More

Let’s Give It Up For Rice

By November 13, 2007

Want to improve your vocabulary and feed the hungry at the same time? Then visit Freerice.com. For every vocabulary question that you get right, the website will donate ten grains of rice to the hungry. The advertisements on the website … Read More

YouTube’s Top Psychics

By October 31, 2007

Sylvia Browne Any psychic who’s been indicted for grand larceny and is a reoccurring guest on the Montel Williams Show is no winner in our book. She doesn’t listen to the people who come to her readings, she’s arrogant, and … Read More

Reinventing the Latke

By September 28, 2007

My friends from the band Pariah Beat were in town, and a celebration was in order. What better way to celebrate than to have a food party? I decided to reinvent an old favorite: the latke. Now, I love a … Read More