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Tradition, Tradition! (And a Little Jazzy Interlude Never Hurt Anyone, Either).

By September 6, 2007

By now we've all heard about the Kutz Camp kids who walked out on a Jazz-inspired evening service this summer because "the prayers were very nontraditional." While at first it seemed like a singular event, it soon became evident that … Read More

Loving the Questions Themselves

By September 5, 2007

Early in my adolescence, I discovered Rainer Maria Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet. I devoured the book, and 78 pages later, my life had been permanently changed. Quotes from the potent little tome, meticulously typed and printed from my … Read More

Flying the Kosher Skies: A Funny Story About Taking the Kash-Route

By August 31, 2007

A friend of a friend recently shared this story with me via email. Here it is, word for word: After my wife, Lisa, and I moved to Reno from Cleveland, we found ourselves traveling back to the Midwest on a … Read More

Don’t Want to Get Symbolically Sold Into Marriage? Consider a B’rit Ahuvim.

By August 30, 2007

There have been quite a few recent posts here about issues regarding ketubot. In April, the lovely Laurel posted about problems of aesthetics and wound up discovering some pretty awesome options. Earlier this month, titillating Tamar took it a tad … Read More

The Scarf That Wouldn’t Die

By August 29, 2007

Not too long ago, Cameron Diaz stumbled from her shining path with a fashion faux pas that took the form of a messenger bag. The olive green accessory bore a red star and declared "Serve the People" in Chinese lettering. … Read More

Mashiach Now: I Am the Messiah (and so are You)

By August 28, 2007

When my younger sister, Grace, took up Israeli dancing a few years ago, I was thrilled. What could be better than the blending of Jewish culture with exercise and socializing? She initially encountered and took her first lessons during a … Read More