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Rosh HaShanah Etiquette Tips from a WASPy Southern Belle?

By September 4, 2008

Look what I discovered in my quest to find cool Rosh HaShanah cards.  The "New Year Girl" collection from tastemaking stationary designer Bonnie Marcus (formerly a wedding planner and special events coordinator at the 92nd Street Y, thank you very … Read More

Is Alejandro Springall the Mexican Woody Allen?

By August 26, 2008

Mexican director Alejandro Springall describes My Mexican Shivah as a film "about existence" and "acquiring the tools to continue living and re-organizing the family after a loss." While it does deal with such serious themes, don’t let the gravity fool … Read More

Eligible Jewish Bachelors Wear Jewcy Thongs on Their Heads

By August 15, 2008

Jewcy LA stepped out at the JConnect Tu b'Av event last night, and this picture pretty much sums up the evening.   This morning, a Jewcy friend e-mailed: "Dude, I felt like a piece of meat at this event! Never … Read More

Forget JDate and eHarmony. Try GenePartner.

By July 28, 2008

The incessant human search for love has led us here, to these embryonic days of the 21st century, where "chemistry" is no longer a colloquialism for attraction but rather a method for matchmaking. Would-be lovers for whom personality profiles fall … Read More

The Last Lecturer’s Last Dance: Goodbye to Randy Pausch

By July 25, 2008

By now you've probably heard that Randy Pausch, the Carnegie Mellon computer science professor whose "Last Lecture" went viral after the video was posted online, has succumbed to cancer at the age of 47. In his wake, he leaves a … Read More

Peace Through Pesto: Daniel Lubetzky Schools Us on Building Bridges and Empowering Moderates

By July 11, 2008

If you don't know who Daniel Lubetzky is, you should. The founder of PeaceWorks, a hugely successful international company that promotes peace through business, and OneVoice, a movement of Israelis and Palestinians joining forces to achieve a grassroots, tangible means … Read More

Los Angeles and Israel Collaborating on Water Technologies

By June 19, 2008

The thirsty city of Los Angeles has teamed up with the parched country of Israel on a crucial concern that they (and much of the rest of the world) share: Water. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has signed a contract with … Read More

Living or Dying, Paul Newman is a Mensch

By June 19, 2008

The wires were buzzing earlier this week with stories of a terminal lung cancer diagnosis for Paul Newman, who has reportedly turned over $120 million—the entire value of his ownership in Newman's Own—to charity. The morbid headlines alone were enough … Read More