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Must Have: The Passover Box of Questions

By April 11, 2008

Looking for a way to personalize and enliven your seder this year? Trade the traditional four questions in for 35 new ones. The Box Girls Passover Box of Questions is a set of cards with themed conversation starters such as … Read More

5 Documentaries to Inspire and Lift Your Spirits This Spring

By April 8, 2008

Low on motivation? Lacking inspiration? In the market for an extra dose of faith in your own abilities, or even in humankind as a whole? Sometimes those elusive needs can be met in the dim enchantment of a movie theater, … Read More

Must Have: Laura Cowan’s Space Age Seder Plate

By April 4, 2008

Tel Aviv-based Judaica designer Laura Cowan's space shuttle-themed mezuzot may be on their way to the International Space Station with astronaut Greg Chamitoff, but her celestial Moon Seder Plate is right here in our very own Jewcy store. Inspired by … Read More

Q&A with Laura Cowan, Judaica Designer to the Stars

By April 4, 2008

Tel Aviv-based Judaica designer Laura Cowan is about to get the star treatment—that is to say, her space-themed mezuzot are on their way to the International Space Station. Astronaut Greg Chamitoff contacted Cowan himself in an effort to get his … Read More

Must Have: No Sweat Gear Made in Bethlehem

By March 28, 2008

Our post earlier this week about No Sweat, the sweatshop-free apparel company creating jobs for Palestinians in Bethlehem, set off quite the debate. Whatever your stance on the work Adam Neiman and company are doing, one thing is for certain: … Read More

5 Jewish Astronauts Who Brought Their Judaica Into Space

By March 28, 2008

The Jewish world is amused and charmed by the impending blast-off of Tel Aviv-based designer Laura Cowan's space-themed mezuzot, but these certainly won't be the first pieces of Judaica to rocket to the moon. Here are five Jewish astronauts who … Read More

Demi Moore Sucks: 3 Ways To Cleanse That Don’t Involve Leeches

By March 27, 2008

Demi Moore made a recent appearance on the Dave Letterman show, where she described her latest foray into detoxification: Leeches. Sound archaic and potentially dangerous? Believe it or not, leeches have made something of a comeback in the medical world, … Read More

Passover Vacations Are Becoming a Trend

By March 26, 2008

For years Jews have proclaimed "Next year in Jerusalem" at the end of their Passover seders, but a growing trend toward Pesach travel has some Jews setting their sights on future seder destinations like Mexico, Italy, and South Africa. For … Read More