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Passover Vacations Are Becoming a Trend

For years Jews have proclaimed "Next year in Jerusalem" at the end of their Passover seders, but a growing trend toward Pesach travel has some Jews setting their sights on future seder destinations like Mexico, Italy, and South Africa. For these jet-setting Jews, commemorating their liberation and slaving away cleaning house and home just don't mix.

A number of big cruise lines provide matzo, cater seders, and employ rabbis during Passover-week cruises, while various hotels offer strictly kosher-for-Passover facilities where holidaymakers can partake in the ritual meal. Many even offer lectures, classes, and other programs.

Here are five companies that specialize in Jewish travel and Passover vacations:

Lasko Tours: From the Eastern Caribbean to the Norwegian Fjords, Lasko gets around. Their Passover hotels include the Eden Roc Resort & Spa in Miami Beach, Florida; the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in Phoenix, Arizona; and the Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas Golf and Spa Resort.

Mendy Vim's: "Charming villages, rushing rivers, rolling hills, verdant valleys, and some of the best antiquing in New England." That's what you'll get if you sign on for one of Mendy Vim's two Passover tours, hosted at the Heritage Resort & Spa and Pomperaug Golf Club, and the Waterbury Connecticut Grand Hotel, in Southbury and Waterbury Connecticut. It's all about trails and tennis, swimming and sauna, matzo and maror…

Totally Jewish Travel: These guys claim to offer the "widest choice of kosher for pesach resorts, hotels, vacations, cruises and more, all over the world," and they're not kidding. Australia? Check. Costa Rica? Check. Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, and South Africa (to name a few)? Check, check, check!

Kosherica: Whether you want to celebrate Passover in Puerto Rico or on the Italian Riviera, Kosherica offers an array of options for the globe-trekking Jew.

Afikoman Tours: Fans of the California desert might be interested to know that Elijah will be in attendance at the MiraMonte Resort and Spa in Palm Springs. Apparently the prophet likes a little Watsu with his wine.

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