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A Sweatshop-Free, Jewish-Owned Clothing Company Is Creating Jobs in Palestine

By March 24, 2008

You may have heard about No Sweat: A little apparel company aiming to make a big difference in the Middle East. Run by CEO Adam Neiman, No Sweat is more than just 100% union made apparel. In addition to creating … Read More

Must Have: Alternative Jewish Grooves for Passover

By March 22, 2008

With Purim now safely behind us (you're not too hungover to shop, are you?) and Passover a mere four weeks away, it's time to start getting in the seder mood. If we've learned anything from the big stories this week, … Read More

Seven Seekers Describe Their Personal Paths to New Faith

By March 13, 2008

According to a recent survey, Americans are very likely to leave the faith into which they were born and brought up — if you count shifts from one Protestant denomination to another, a whopping 44 percent of Americans have changed … Read More

Honest Tea on Honesty: Q&A with Seth Goldman, TeaEO

By March 11, 2008

Social entrepreneur Seth Goldman is the man behind Honest Tea, the nation’s best-selling and fastest-growing organic bottled tea company. Founded in 1998 with his former Business Professor Barry Nalebuff of the Yale School of Management, Honest Tea sources from organic … Read More

Recreational Utopias: Temporary Paradise in a Complicated World

By March 7, 2008

For centuries, people have dreamed up, written about, and even attempted to create utopia. The possibility of a perfect society has inspired great literary works including Plato's Republic and Sir Thomas More's Utopia, and similar visions have fueled social experiments … Read More


By March 5, 2008

Birthright Israel has a doppelgänger called Birthright Palestine. The Palestinian program aims to "gather first-generation, western-born Palestinians (over the age of 18-years old) in their ancestral homeland, so that they can reunite and witness firsthand how their brethren are living … Read More

“Top Chef” Winner Hung Huynh Goes Glatt Kosher in NYC

By March 3, 2008

Kosher-keeping New York fans of Top Chef's season three winner, Hung Huynh, are in for a tasty treat: The incredibly creative cook has officially begun a one-month stint as Executive Chef at Solo, a Midtown Manhattan Mediterranean-Asian fusion glatt kosher … Read More

Must Have: Letters of Creation Necklace

By February 29, 2008

Once you're strutting your stuff in a pair of Natalie Portman-designed shoes, you'll want to add a little bling to the outfit. Might we suggest a piece of jewelry from Israeli designer Neta Yehiely? A graduate of the Omanit Art … Read More