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Must Have: Letters of Creation Necklace
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Must Have: Letters of Creation Necklace

Once you're strutting your stuff in a pair of Natalie Portman-designed shoes, you'll want to add a little bling to the outfit. Might we suggest a piece of jewelry from Israeli designer Neta Yehiely? A graduate of the Omanit Art Academy, Yehiely does everything from engagement rings and sets to casual, "spiritual" pieces.

I'm especially fond of her handmade, sterling silver "Letters of Creation" necklace, which you can pick up at Modern Tribe for $72. From MT: "This sterling silver necklace pendant has the 10 Hebrew letters of creation. In the tradition of Kabbalah, G-d is said to have created the world with the Hebrew alphabet."

Check out Neta's entire gallery here.

Pick up a pair of shoes from the 2008 Spring Natalie Portman Collection here.

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