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Walk a Mile in Natalie Portman’s Shoes

Natalie Portman is known for being as socially conscious as she is gorgeous, so it's no surprise that the Israeli-born actress has launched her own line of vegan shoes. In an entertaining interview with the London Times, Portman recently talked about what drove her into the business of footwear. "I’ve been getting stuff from Target, which is de facto vegan because it’s so cheap. But I did need some shoes that weren’t made of canvas or plastic." High maintenance!

Portman apparently designed the line of limited edition shoes herself, and according to various reports, anywhere from 5% to all profits are going to the Nature Conservancy. The cruelty-free kicks are being sold through New York boutique te casan for around $250 a pair.

Portman's latest film, The Other Boleyn Girl, hits theaters this Friday and stars fellow-Jew Scarlett Johannson.




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