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Eligible Jewish Bachelors Wear Jewcy Thongs on Their Heads
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Eligible Jewish Bachelors Wear Jewcy Thongs on Their Heads

Jewcy LA stepped out at the JConnect Tu b'Av event last night, and this picture pretty much sums up the evening.


This morning, a Jewcy friend e-mailed: "Dude, I felt like a piece of meat at this event! Never seen so many JAPs with a look of 'Desperately seeking husband ASAP' in their eyes!" He's 6'4", well-built, well-groomed, and Jewish. In other words, he got laid last night! Luke Ford, the world's most infamous porn-documentarian-turned-Orthodox-Jew, was also at the Lovefest, and causing trouble as usual. Luke has excellent taste and fine judgment, so he spent much of the night hanging with us at the Jewcy booth. You might think that Luke was kicking it with us because he was so enamored of Joey's ability to speak volubly and interminably on just about any topic, but it turns out he's just hot for Jewcy ladies.

[Luke, call me! I still have more to say about Shlomo Carlebach!–Joey] You know, there's nothing wrong with young Jews trying to hook up with other young Jews. Sure, the Jewish Federation supports it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's bad for you. Perhaps young Jews could even get Jewish orgs to directly "sponsor" our dates. Perhaps pay for an occasional motel room. Now THAT'S a way for Organized Jewry to make itself useful.

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