About Paul Golin

Paul Golin is associate executive director of the Jewish Outreach Institute (www.JOI.org), a national, independent, non-profit organization reaching out to unaffiliated Jewish families with an emphasis on engaging intermarried households and helping the organized Jewish community better welcome them in.  In his spare time he administers the Jewpanese page on Facebook.

Including Jews With Financial Challenges

By March 24, 2011

At any given time, the majority of US Jewish households are not affiliated with Jewish institutions like synagogues or JCCs. There are many reasons why, perhaps the most important being that the organized community hasn’t made a strong enough case for the meaning and value of being affiliated. Read More

Continued Confusion About Intermarriage

By August 5, 2010

I’ve spent the past decade advocating that the Jewish community find more ways to engage and embrace intermarried families.  And like many advocates, I have a personal stake in the issue, as I myself intermarried five years ago.  While I’m … Read More

Blame Intermarriage

By May 28, 2010

 There’s been a healthy debate sparked by Peter Beinart’s recent piece in the New York Review of Books blaming Israel’s policies–and the unflinching support of those policies by the U.S. Jewish "establishment"–for young American Jews feeling increasingly disconnected from the … Read More