Rachel Delia Benaim

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I Went to India, And I Found “Shanti”

Disenchanted with Orthodoxy and religion, I decided to go traveling alone, seeking clarity. Instead, I found comfort with the unknown.

Artist Sara Erenthal Reflects on Her Ultra-Orthodox Upbringing, And Life Beyond

She fled an arranged marriage at 17, joined the Israeli army, then backpacked through India. Her new exhibit in Brooklyn touches on her religious childhood and secular present.

Anti-Hamas Game Apps Spark Controversy in Google Play Store

‘Bomb Gaza’, ‘Whack the Hamas’ and ‘Gaza Assault: Code Red’ all banned.

An Open Letter to Selena Gomez, From Two 12-Year-Old Fans in Southern Israel

You prayed for Gaza, but not Israel, taking sides in a conflict that is not your own. By doing that, you isolated some fans.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do—Especially in the Orthodox World

Silence surrounding engagement break-ups leads to social stigma. It doesn’t have to be that way.