About Rachel Sklar

Rachel Sklar is the former Senior Contributing Editor for the Huffington Post and was the founding editor of the site's Eat The Press page. She has contributed to the New York Times, the Village Voice, Glamour, New York Magazine, the Financial Times, and numerous publications in her northern homeland of Canada, and is a frequent guest on networks including CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, with varying degrees of makeup. She currently works with the recently-launched media consulting firm Abrams Research, and continues to write for a wide variety of publications.

Rachel recently launched the online charity site Charitini.com, which promotes micro-giving by allowing donors to substitute a small charitable donation for a "birthday drink" for a friend. She tried it for her birthday and woke up the next day with great karma and no hangover. Get her all liquored up for a good cause here.

Memo to the Anti-Defamation League: These Jews Don’t Share Your Position

By August 3, 2010

The following letter is from a group of concerned Jews, connected by their community, responding to the Anti-Defamation League’s Statement on the Islamic Community Center Near Ground Zero: Memo to the Anti-Defamation League: These Jews Don’t Share Your Position Dear … Read More

Elie Wiesel in Buchenwald: The Moral Challenge to Learn, and Act

By June 5, 2009

Today, Holocaust survivor, "Night" author and Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel joined President Barack Obama at the site of Buchenwald, one of Nazi Germany’s terrible concentration camps, to speak out against indifference and humanity’s inability to learn from its … Read More