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I am a Jewish blogger living in Seattle with my wife, three children and dog. I write in Tikun Olam about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Jewish culture, religion and music. I've also created Israel Palestine Blogs, an Arab-Jewish peace blog aggregator. My work has been published in The Guardian's Comment is Free blog, the Los Angeles Times, and American Conservative Magazine.

CBS Poll: Obama 49-McCain 40; Palin Tanking

By October 3, 2008

The N.Y. Times reports this nice bit of news, that Obama has opened up a sizable lead over McCain in the latest CBS poll. Obama’s favorables are up to the highest they’ve ever been, McCain’s are down to the lowest … Read More

What Does Christopher Hitchens Know About Islam?

By August 4, 2007

Christopher Hitchens has one of the most beguiling presences I've ever encountered in a media figure. He has that booming tenor that reminds one of Dylan Thomas reciting his mellifluous poetry. I hear he has a similar penchant for the … Read More

Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition

By August 4, 2007

My friend, Stefan Merken, has just published Peace, Justice and Jews: Reclaiming Our Tradition, a book that argues that peace is one of the "purest and highest" values in our tradition. If there are any skeptics reading this they will … Read More

Seattle Federation Shooting: One Year Later

By August 4, 2007

Last Friday marked the first anniversary of the most traumatic day in the history of Seattle's Jewish community. It was the day that a deranged Naveed Haq barged into the Jewish federation's downtown offices, proclaimed his anger at Israel for … Read More

Masada2000 and Jewish Cyber-Bully Culture

By August 3, 2007

Everyone knows the internet can be a nasty place. Foul language, hate, invective, inanity, you name it. But what's less known is that the Jewish web can be equally nasty. We Jews have a reputation for being disputatious and the … Read More

Seafair: Seattle’s Gathering of the Tribe

By August 3, 2007

We Jews know about tribes and tribal gatherings. But what happens when you live among a tribe but don't feel yourself a full fledged member? Then tribal gatherings can be alternately strange and fascinating. Take Seattle's Seafair. Fifty years ago, … Read More

Masked: Israeli Play About Palestinian Intifada Opens in NYC Today

By August 2, 2007

Today's NY Times notes that a controversial Israeli play, Masked, set during the first Palestinian Intifada will open today at the DR2 Theater in Union Square: “Masked” was something of a sensation when it opened in Israel 17 years ago. … Read More

Peace in Our Time With Syria?

By August 2, 2007

It’s popular in certain circles in Israel and the Diaspora to point out how impossible is the notion of making peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. You hear it from the Likud. You hear it from the likes of … Read More