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Birthright Israel Wants You to Be Ultra-Orthodox

By September 3, 2009

How’s this for rank cronyism? Birthright Israel, the program that gives every Jewish young adult in North America a free trip to Israel, also funds ‘aftercare’ programs back home under the auspices of Birthright-NEXT meant to keep newly-Jewishly-enthused Birthright participants … Read More

Agriprocessors: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By November 30, 2008

Since I last posted on Agriprocessors, shortly after the company was hit with more than 9,000 counts of child labor violations, the company’s "former" CEO (and still current VP) Rabbi Sholom M. Rubashkin was arrested on felony immigration and identity fraud charges. That was followed … Read More

May This Chicken Atone For Your Sins

By October 29, 2008

Earlier this month, tens of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews waved live chickens over their heads in a ritual known as kapparot, or "atonements." They chanted solemnly: "This is my exchange, this is my substitute, this is my expiation. This chicken … Read More

The Heretic: Will Wall Street Bring the Collapse of Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Welfare State?

By October 2, 2008

  Israel is facing an economic crisis of truly epic proportions, but even though its immediate cause is the declining dollar and the crisis now gripping US financial markets, its roots lie in Mea Shearim quarter, not on Wall Street. … Read More

The Heretic: How Jewish Law Killed Rabbi Yossie Raichik

By September 25, 2008

On Sunday, Jewish law killed a 55-year old American-Israeli man. Rabbi Yossie Raichik died of a lung infection. He was waiting in Israel, where he had lived for almost 30 years, for a transplant to replace his irreversibly damaged lungs. … Read More

The Heretic: Burning Crosses Ultra-Orthodox Style

By September 18, 2008

  “You’ll never find a leftist who cares about suffering white or Christian peoples. Examples Afrikaner in the "new South Africa," whites under Mugabe, Loyalist victims of IRA terror, Sudetan Germans the list is endless. I agree that a lot … Read More

The Heretic: Stop Whispering, Start Shouting

By September 11, 2008

Earlier this week, our friends at Agriprocessors, America’s largest supplier of glatt kosher meat, were charged with more than 9000 counts of child labor violations. Named in the Iowa affidavit are Aaron Rubashkin, Agriprocessors owner, his son Sholom M. Rubashkin, … Read More

The Heretic: Going Colorblind in a Jewish Nursing Home

By September 4, 2008

I caught early chunks of Obama’s acceptance speech at the gym of my local JCC. Not surprisingly, the crowd that night was heavily Republican, and there were mutterings of concern: Is Obama truly committed to Israel? Is Obama too soft … Read More