About Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman is a senior correspondent for The American Prospect and a former associate editor of The New Republic, from which he was fired after premiering his blog, Too Hot For TNR. He caused Cantor Uzi Rivlin great shpilkis for showing up to his Bar Mitzvah lessons in a Metallica t-shirt.

Movable Snipe: Wonkette: Now Transcending The Ass-Fucking

By November 24, 2006

Melissa, Since Sunday I've cooked 35 pounds of turkey. I'm tired. But it's the hatred that keeps me moving forward — hatred for these blogs. It's no accident that my culinary efforts were limited to lunch on Wednesday, since I … Read More

Movable Snipe: Perez Hilton Writes in All Caps

By November 23, 2006

Melissa, Speaking of humor, let's move on to our next blog, Perez Hilton, one of the innumerable celebrity blogs devoted to Lindsay Lohan's lack of underwear or Tara Reid's botched plastic surgery. Actually, let's pause a moment to savor the … Read More

Movable Snipe: Beyond Penis Envy

By November 22, 2006

Melissa, Apropos of Feministing's Buffy clip, allow me to say that it's not my revolution if I can't stake to it. Is there a single feminist out there who doesn't love Buffy? A single sentient, Buffy-experienced human being? I am … Read More

Movable Snipe: Marty Peretz Eats at My Zionism

By November 21, 2006

[Movable Snipe is a Daily Shvitz feature wherein two writers spend a reading a handful of blogs and offering constructive (or savage) criticism in epistolary form. This week's Snipers: Spencer Ackerman and Melissa Lafsky.] Melissa, Now that we've dispensed with … Read More

Ahoy, righty! Ackerman on Captain’s Quarters

By November 20, 2006

Hey Melissa, Have you ever read Captain's Quarter's? I haven't either. But, perhaps unlike you, I have seen it referenced a million times by the brighter lights — and I mean this purely figuratively — of the conservative blogosphere, like … Read More