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Steven Rybicki holds a M.A. in Philosophy and is currently co-authoring a book on terrorism.

Karl Marx Predicted Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana Would Go Nude

By May 1, 2008

Barack Obama recently took heat for his comments to fundraisers in San Francisco. Those remarks, for some reason, were never interpreted with a bit more cynicism and much less conventional wisdom: why can’t we just speculate that Sen. Obama was … Read More

William F. Buckley in Perspective

By February 29, 2008

I grew up in a household that revered William F. Buckley. My father is from New York City and converted to Buckley in the ‘60s. In my childhood, National Review was always at hand. The specter of Buckley haunted me … Read More

Kosovo’s Independence and Its Discontents

By February 21, 2008

[Editor's note: Earlier today, a mass anti-American and anti-Kosovar protest broke out in Belgrade. Protesters set fire to the US embassy.] Remember when Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol (there they are again) condemned the majority party in Congress for not … Read More

John Currin Fights Repressive Fundamentalism … By Painting Porn?

By February 1, 2008

The artist John Currin is striving to bring sexy back, and he believes that the future of civilization depends on it. The New Yorker profiled the artist's career last week, focusing on his recent pornography-inspired paintings. (A small portion of … Read More