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Tamar Fox has an MFA from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but she still doesn't like sweet tea. Born and raised in Chicago, she's also lived in Iowa City, Dublin, Oxford, and Jerusalem. When she's not rocking out at honky tonks she teaches text study, cooks elaborate meals, and volunteers for a hospice. When she grows up she wants to be a professional whiskey taster.

How Much Religious Freedom Should Your Gynecologist Have?

By August 1, 2008

Imagine going to the doctor for a morning after pill or an abortion, and being told that you can't have the prescription or the procedure because of the doctor's religious beliefs. Sounds kind of absurd, right? Well, pretty soon it … Read More

AgriProcessors Roundup: Fake Documents, Underage Workers, and the Boycott That Wasn’t

By July 30, 2008

Last we heard, Agriprocessor’s PR firm had been caught trying to smear the reputation of Rabbi Morris Allen and Uri L’Tzedek, but there have been several developments since then. Failed Messiah broke the news that the May 12th raid also … Read More

Does God Care What I Do with My Boobs?

By July 28, 2008

A series of new public service billboards in California, which tout the importance of breastfeeding, are borrowing heavily from the notorious GodSpeaks campaign. If you’ve done any long distance driving in America in the last decade, you’re probably familiar with … Read More

God 2.0 and Prayer Technology

By July 25, 2008

The Greek Orthodox Church has come up with a creative way to keep ex-pat Greeks feeling connected to the church. Now, anyone who can’t make it to the church of the Virgin Mary on the Aegean island of Tinos for … Read More

At-Home Church Means Big Tax Breaks

By July 24, 2008

Last week I wrote about churches and synagogues being turned into homes. This week, homes are being turned into churches. A man in Lake Bluff, IL recently converted a portion of his house into a church, and then claimed an … Read More

Heavy Metal Monk Jams About Sex

By July 22, 2008

You might not expect to see many *Men of God* at a heavy metal concert, but that doesn’t mean there are no monks rocking out — on stage, no less. Take Fratello Metallo, or the Metal Friar, a 62-year-old Capuchin … Read More

Is Giving Guns to Kids What it Takes to Find Faith?

By July 21, 2008

The Windsor Hills Baptist Church of Oklahoma City gave away a gun at its annual youth conference, held last week. The youth conference included a shooting competition (Jesus loves a good target range, after all), and the winner received an … Read More

What’s So Bad About Satanism?

By July 18, 2008

A custody battle is brewing in Indiana, and it hinges on whether or not Satanism is a real religion. Jamie Meyer, a 30-year-old factory worker, is the divorced father of three young girls, and a member of the Church of … Read More