About Tamar Fox

Tamar Fox has an MFA from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, but she still doesn't like sweet tea. Born and raised in Chicago, she's also lived in Iowa City, Dublin, Oxford, and Jerusalem. When she's not rocking out at honky tonks she teaches text study, cooks elaborate meals, and volunteers for a hospice. When she grows up she wants to be a professional whiskey taster.

Make Your Own Beer-nukiah

By December 20, 2006

Last night Danny, Dave and I had plans to make latkes, so after a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies, we headed back to my apartment for some serious potato action. Everybody loves eating latkes, but it’s easy … Read More

All I Want For Christmas Is for You to Shut Up, Mariah

By December 19, 2006

Last night I went to a holiday party at a friend’s house, and at some point the Jewish contingent (all three of us) went out to the backyard to light the hanukiah I had stashed in my purse. I felt … Read More

Take Two

By December 18, 2006

On the second night of Hanukkah I lit candles with my friend Danny, who’s getting a master’s degree in Judaic Studies. After we’d finished with the blessings Danny told me that he was annoyed by Hanukkah because he didn’t agree … Read More

Light One Candle…

By December 18, 2006

When I was in elementary school we learned this very zealous Hanukkah song called “Light One Candle” which urged us to light candles for, among other things, “the Maccabee Children with thanks their light didn't die,” “the pain they endured … Read More

The War on Christmas Can’t Stop Hanukkah

By December 16, 2006

Hey everybody, I'm Tamar, your Hanukkah blogger and latke queen. Currently I live in Nashville, where I'm a grad student at Vanderbilt University and do all kinds of work in the Jewish community. Every day I'll have some notes about … Read More