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Patrice Evans (T.A.N.) is a writer, blogger, producer living in NYC. He and his work have sullied venerable media institutions such as The New York Times, NPR, Gawker, Time Out New York, The Huffington Post, EbonyJet, Penthouse, and Deadspin, among others. He pulls at the strings of his fraying sanity with alarming regularity on his blog TheAssimilatedNegro. Bring a sandwich when you go; he has no food to offer.

Post-Racial Fight Club

By November 19, 2008

Honestly, if I read one more article or blog about how Obama doesn’t mean the end of racism, but is in fact, still, very important for black people, I think my head might split into two personalities, and my black … Read More

Obama Just Threw on His Du-Rag! For Black Americans, This is the Moment of Truth

By March 18, 2008

Until today, black America's excitement about Barack Obama reminded me of an old Eddie Murphy skit: everyone was falling for the Obama in the tailpipe. Obama's served as a lovely symbol of racial transcendance, but until today's speech he hadn't … Read More

Jews and Blacks are Yesterday’s News

By October 5, 2007

As an assimilated Negro, I find that black Jews just tickle my fancy. (Any Oprah/Sarah Silverman hybrids, call me!) I agree with the writer Julius Lester when he says, “What I find remarkable about Jews: They’re the only ethnic group … Read More