About Brian Frazer

I write for Esquire, ESPN, and Los Angeles Magazine (where my column "Hollywoodland" appears on the back page each month). I also wrote the memoir, "Hyper-Chondriac: One Man's Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down" -- which was recently bought by NBC to be made into a TV series. Or just to tease me and break my heart. No, I still haven't seen the "Dark Knight" movie, so please stop asking. And I really love dogs and my wife -- who isn't a dog, I'm just trying to cram everything I can into this tiny space.

Bail Out of the Bailout

By October 9, 2008

No more rules.  Rules suck.  Rules are for the weak.  Tlkeajtughajer;eqwujgahhkgjadlsgfdasr;ra;.  That’s what a sentence looks like without rules. The money experts have fucked up.  And now we’re rescuing them.  And it’s comical to think that the person applying for the … Read More

20% of the Keating Five, 100% Bullshit

By October 8, 2008

Damn was that town hall thing hard to sit through. First of all, it was the second debate in a row in which Senator McCain bragged about America being the best "importer" in the world. Um… that’s not a good thing, … Read More

Atonement Missive: “I’m sorry I’ve called people idiots.”

By October 7, 2008

It’s difficult trying to atone for 364 days of sins in a mere 24 hours and several hundred words.  But here goes.  Over the past year, I’m sorry that I didn’t give more people the benefit of the doubt.  I … Read More

Say It Ain’t So, Joe!

By October 7, 2008

On Sunday, the New York Post, that bastion of neutrality, had a piece about Senator Biden entitled: "Is Joe Hidin’ Facial Work."  First of all, how do you "hide" facial work? Put scaffolding around your eyes? Wear a goalie mask?  This is … Read More

The Not-So-Best Man

By October 5, 2008

It wouldn’t have been intentional, but I almost ruined my brother’s wedding last week.  I had no idea when he asked me to be his best man that I would have any responsibilities other than making a speech before dinner.  … Read More