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Elisa Albert is the author of The Book of Dahlia and the short-story collection How This Night is Different.

‘In Treatment’ With Jewcy

By January 29, 2008

HBO's buzzed about new series, "In Treatment" — about a therapist, his clients, and his own therapy — offers an interesting variation on the usual TV series rhythm we all know and love. Instead of one episode per week, the … Read More

Found Magazine’s Editor Tells Us His Secrets

By January 24, 2008

FOUND Magazine has by now achieved cult status. Publishing shopping lists, mash notes, Polaroids, and other scraps of human interaction, it celebrates all things abandoned and secret. The notion that nothing need ever be lost or meaningless, and that we … Read More

Brought To You By The Letters J, E, and W

By December 19, 2007

There’s a lot to love about Jewcy’s new(ish) office in Dumbo. It’s not in Manhattan, for starters. The office number is 613, corresponding with (cosmic?) accuracy to the mitzvot. The virtues of the ping-pong table and heedlessly fornicating neighbors have … Read More

But Is He A Kike?

By December 17, 2007

Jamie Kastner's documentary, "Kike Like Me", airs tonight on the Sundance channel at 10pm. Should be very in-ter-es-ting. According to an interview in today's New York Times, Kastner says the film "stemmed from being continually asked if he was Jewish … Read More

Holiday Wishes Irritating As Last Year And Year Before That

By December 17, 2007

Hanukkah has come and gone. And with eight days (weird!) left ‘til That Other Holiday, those of us who find ourselves unwilling or -able to pretend we’re gentiles had better get used to the fact that we’re going to be … Read More

Yo La Tengo’s Hanukkahpaloozathon

By December 11, 2007

Went to see Yo La Tengo last night on the seventh of their (what else?) eight nights of ever-so subtly subtitled “Hanukkahpaloozathon” shows at the fabulous Hoboken venue Maxwell’s. And wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, the “special guests” on … Read More

Next Year in Uganda!

Next Year in Uganda!
By November 7, 2007

Here’s what really happened, in a nutshell: At the 6th annual Zionist conference in 1903, as Jews in the pale of settlement faced increasing violence and anti-semitic victimization (and the utopian dream of Eretz Yisrael seemed all but unreachable), Theodor … Read More

Words to the wise: Q & A with Dana Frankfort

Words to the wise: Q & A with Dana Frankfort
By October 17, 2007

The painter Dana Frankfort is known in the art world for her word paintings, which manage to invoke color-field, graffiti, and graphic art in an exultant chorus that feels fresh, moving, and very, very alive. “The words,” observed New York … Read More