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‘In Treatment’ With Jewcy

HBO's buzzed about new series, "In Treatment" — about a therapist, his clients, and his own therapy — offers an interesting variation on the usual TV series rhythm we all know and love. Instead of one episode per week, the show will air every weeknight: each episode a therapy session with one patient, including, on Fridays, the therapist in therapy himself! The show is adapted from a smash-hit Israeli show called Be' Tipul ("In Therapy"). Since we (Jews and the Jewcy staff, both) know a thing or two about therapy — insert Portnoy and/or Freud and/or Woody Allen reference here — we felt we should watch the show (consistently, because consistency is key) and work through some of our feelings about it. But not our feelings about our feelings, because that would be fucked up. You should never have feelings about your feelings. For those of us still deep in mourning for the philosophical miracle that was "Six Feet Under", watching "In Treatment" may serve as a healing balm, much like actually being in therapy, but without all the, you know, talking and shit. Critical response has been mixed. But whatever. How did it make us feel?


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