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Ahoy! A Jewish Pirate Movie!

By November 18, 2016

‘The Pirate Captain Toledano’ is a Semitic Swashbuckler Read More

Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford Had a Fling

By November 16, 2016

Fisher has finally revealed the ‘Star Wars’ affair. Read More

Anton Yelchin’s Goodbye Exhibit

By November 15, 2016

The late actor was also a photographer whose work is currently on display. Read More

Leonard Cohen Blessing Us: What We Need Right Now

By November 11, 2016

The music legend passes on at 82. Read More

Daveed Diggs Wants You to Vote

By November 8, 2016

He’s rapping about it, natch. Read More

What IS a “Mazel Tov” Cocktail?

By November 7, 2016

We have the official answer, and it’s older than you think! Read More

Andrew Garfield Says Mel Gibson is Fine, Guys

By November 4, 2016

The Jewish actor appears in Gibson’s new film. Read More

Sorting Biblical Characters in Hogwarts Houses (Part 2: The Ladies)

By November 3, 2016

From Eve to Miriam, what’s their Hogwarts house? Read More