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French Deportation of Gypsies: Right or Totally Wrong?

By August 19, 2010

When I first read the news about France beginning the deportation of Roma Gypsies, my initial thought may have been a bit too reactionary, as I wanted to title this post, "Did the Nazis Ever Leave France: Let the Gypsy … Read More

You can use J.D. Salinger’s Toilet for One Million Dollars

By August 17, 2010

I should hold back saying something stupid like "who would want to buy this shit?’  or "You’re a complete idiot if you buy this shit," and just let the words do the talking:   "The extremely classy dealer vending this … Read More

Sephardic Rabbi Brings Back the Jew Claw!

By August 12, 2010

Okay this is a little embarrising, but could somebody please tell Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar that Borat related jokes haven’t been funny since 2006?   "They are digging their claws in the nation of Zion, and are trying to … Read More

MCA of the Beastie Boys Calls Bullshit on the MPAA for bad Rating on Holocaust Doc.

By August 2, 2010

A Film Unfinished, the documentary directed by Yael Heronski, was recently given a rating of "R" for "disturbing images of Holocaust atrocities including graphic nudity." Eh, really?   I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Holocaust films, but do I have … Read More

Help Pick a Good Shul for Amar’e Stoudemire

By July 28, 2010

I knew there was more to Amar’e Stoudemire’s decision to play basketball in New York.  According to the JTA, the power forward is on a trip to Israel after learning he had Jewish roots.  So who will make a mitzvah … Read More

Facebook Doesn’t Want Jews or Arabs

By July 27, 2010

Is Facebook blocking Arabic names and the word "Palestinian" from being used on it’s site?  It seemed that way to the Palestinian Refugee ResearchNet, who were apparently blocked from creating a page on the popular website (note: not a group … Read More

Watch: Andy Borowitz Introduces Us to Palinese

By July 26, 2010

Andy Borowitz, the official comedian of people who read The New Yorker and own a television, but only watch PBS, has seen the future. Warning: it’s a terrifying future where Sarah Palin is president, and we all speak her language. … Read More

Woody Allen Speaks to Me

By July 21, 2010

I love Without Feathers and Annie Hall as much as the other guy, but do I really want to go jogging listening to Woody talk about existential boredom, intellectual whores, young Asian girls and New York on my iPod? Okay, … Read More