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Matisyahu Sans Beard?

By December 13, 2011

Did he really shave it? Read More

The Maccabeats Are So Last Year…

By November 29, 2011

That’s what The Forward tells us… Read More

When Anti-Semitic Vodka Ads Go Dumb

By November 22, 2011

A third rate booze company comes up with a really stupid sign. Read More

The Rwandan Refugee At The Holocaust Museum

By November 17, 2011

Talking with the newest appointee to the board of the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Read More

Is Gilad Coming Home?

By October 11, 2011

A deal has reportedly been reached between Israel and Hamas for the captured Israel soldier. Read More

Antisemitism Accusation FAIL

By September 14, 2011

A Canadian college student accused a professor of being a Jew hater — but there’s a kick… Read More

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Find Me A Beard

By August 17, 2011

On one hand, people get to fulfill certain Jewish laws, and on the other, they are entering into a marriage with a person they don’t find sexually attractive. Read More

Michele Bachmann’s Yiddish FAIL

By July 14, 2011

We should really add some snarky comment to this video of Rep. Michele Bachmann trying, and failing, to speak a little Jewish. But there really isn’t any need.
Read More