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When Anti-Semitic Vodka Ads Go Dumb

A third rate booze company comes up with a really stupid sign. Read More

By / November 22, 2011

Judging from their bio, Wodka vodka is trying really hard to convince you of their old Eastern European roots:

“While walking through the Polmos Bialystock distillery in Eastern Poland, a relic from Poland’s communist era was discovered, Wodka Vodka. Polmos was a Polish state-owned monopoly that controlled the spirits market.”

Judging from their ad (above), they also have a communist-era Eastern European sense of humor by stating that their product is “Christmas Quality.  Hanukkah Pricing.”  The ads have caused quite a stir to the point that the ADL has gotten involved, and now Miami MG, the marketing company behind the billboards, has issued a statement saying:

“The inspiration for Hanukkah’s inclusion was anything but anti-Semitic – in fact, we’re likening ourselves to the Jewish holiday.”

“Simply put Hanukkah represents a better value because you get 8 nights for the price of 1 – much like Wodka, more for less.”

Sure guys.  We’re totally sure that’s what you meant to say.