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Rick Sanchez goes on Television, Blames Stupid Comment on a Bad Case of the Sleeps

By October 8, 2010

Rick Sanchez–or as we like to call him:"The Poor Man’s Imus"– went on Good Morning America today to talk about his statements about Jews controlling the media.  He ended up leaving me with the impression that:  A: He’s bitter B: … Read More

Eliot Spitzer: Tanking on TV

By October 6, 2010

Gothamist reports that CNN’s Parker Spitzer is not only getting horrible reviews, but also had only 454,000 total viewers.   "Even worse for the new CNN program, it lost viewers from the show on just ahead of it, ‘John King … Read More

Man Writing Book Wants Christopher Hitchens to Die Soon

By September 29, 2010

Over at The Faster Times, a piece titled “Why It Would Be Better if Christopher Hitchens Died Sooner Rather Than Later” does a really good job at grabbing your attention, but also makes you question your faith in humanity when the … Read More

A Lazy Breakdown of “Obama’s Jewish Problem”

By September 27, 2010

Today at The Daily Beast, Peter Beinart writes about President Obama’s “Jewish Problem,” which, for those of you who don’t care to read it, breaks down like this: First paragraph: Asks “What would it take to make American Jewish groups … Read More

Yiderati Book Picks: “Please Take Me off the Guest List” by Nick Zinner, Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield

By September 20, 2010

Sometimes you find books that are the total package: great writing, beautiful design, and great photos. But please keep in mind that trifecta is a rare thing in this day and age. The trio behind Please Take Me off the … Read More

The “Dude You Have no Quran” Guy Gets an Autotune Remix

By September 16, 2010

The jury is still out if the guy who saved a Quran from getting charred is a MOT.  We were looking at the evidence (somewhat Jewish name, good at merchandising), but then got distracted by this autotune remix of his … Read More

Racist Rabbi Probably not a Fan of Drake

By August 24, 2010

Israeli heavy hitter, Dov Lior, talked at an educational institution last year, and had some really sweet things to say about modern music.  According to a report on Failed Messiah, the Grand Wizard, er, Chief Rabbi of  Kiryat Arba, probably … Read More

Watch: Anti-Mosque Protesters Mistake Man for Being Muslim

By August 23, 2010

I guess chalk this up to a big oops?   "The video, shot by amateur YouTube videographer "lefthandedart," opens with chants of "No Mosque Here!" as it traces a black man wearing a white cap walking through the crowd. It’s … Read More