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Bar Mitzvah Dance Lessons

By January 6, 2011

Myq Kaplan exposes the bar mitzvah dance class bully and discusses sweet dance moves that ushered him into manhood. Read More

Jewish Witches Vs. Zionist Sharks

By December 23, 2010

We thought that we could close out 2010 with the Zionist sharks in Egypt as the last of the really good anti-Semitic claptrap of the year.  Of course, we were wrong. According to an interview with Walid Muhammad Hajj, a … Read More

Guy Tries To Compare Julian Assange To Spinoza, But Loses Our Attention

By December 13, 2010

In theory, we think comparing Baruch Spinoza to Julian Assange is a cool idea. Read More

Saudi Arabia Not Used To Jewish Humor

By December 10, 2010

We like Andy Borowitz over at Jewcy. We chuckle at his smarter-than-most-people humor. But we didn’t think he could pull one over on an entire country. Read More

Israel Not Behind Egyptian “Jaws”

By December 7, 2010

Of all the batshit Zionist conspiracy claims, Israel is pretty sure they aren’t behind the latest theory that Mossad agents dumped sharks in waters near Egyptian resorts, in order to ruin tourism in the country. Read More

Jeff Mangum Performs Neutral Milk Hotel Songs; Indie Nerds Kvell Hard

By December 6, 2010

Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel, performed a handful of songs inspired by Anne Frank. Read More

If You Write A Fake Holocaust Memoir, You Will Probably Get Ten Million Dollars

By November 30, 2010

The ghostwriter of the fake Holocaust memoir “Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years,” is gonna be rich. Read More

Best Thing Of The Day: Judge Orders Bris For A Boy, Poetry For A Girl

By November 23, 2010

A Jewish lawyer wants to hold off on a trial on what is known as a “writ of possible simcha.” Read More