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For Passover: Don’t Throw Away Your Bread, Donate It

As you prepare to toss out your chametz before Passover, think of all the hungry people you could feed with it. Read More

By / March 21, 2011
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Each year, Jewish New Yorkers prepare to celebrate Passover by discarding, selling, or giving away all leavened products, such as bread or mixtures containing chametz.  While it’s part of a tradition, it’s also a huge waste of food that could go towards feeding the hungry.

This year, as part of its Kosher Community Project, City Harvest will pick up any canned or packaged chometz from schools, synagogues and other locations in all five boroughs through April 15th to distribute to some of the nearly 600 community food programs we serve throughout New York City.

So don’t toss that loaf of Wonder bread, the box of Saltines, or the really expensive wheat pasta you bought at Whole Foods, donate it instead.

Know of similar programs like this throughout the United States?  Let us know about them!

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