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Here you will find over 300 pages of reviews, essays, poetry, and original creative writing covering a wide range of Jewish expression and experience, from the first two years of Zeek magazine. For an archive of 2004-2006 material, please click … Read More

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Here you will find over 300 pages of reviews, essays, poetry, and original creative writing covering a wide range of Jewish expression and experience, from the first two years of Zeek magazine. For an archive of 2004-2006 material, please click here. Zeek appears in print and online; all our online material is made available here, free of charge. Past print issues may be purchased here. We encourage you to share, link to, and print out the work here. However, please note that all contents are copyright 2002-2003 Metatronics Inc. and the authors. Duplication is allowed only with prior written permission from Zeek.

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Culture and Art

The Ritual of Family Photography Amy Datsko Constitutive ritual for distributed families May, 2003

The Art of Enlightenment Jay Michaelson James Turrell and the truth of light April, 2003

War and Not-War Dan Friedman The ambiguities of art and life March, 2003

Strasbourg Cathedral Michael Shurkin The soft borders between Jewish particularism and universalism February, 2003

If Only It Were All Just Art Michael Shurkin Anxiety on the National Mall January, 2003

Wrestling with Installation Art Michael Shurkin Arte Povera, Damien Hirst, and annoying pomo intellectualism December, 2002

Eye Candy Michael Shurkin Pierre Bonnard at the Phillips Collection November, 2002

Why We Still Need Beethoven Michael Shurkin Why modern art survives in a postmodern age October, 2002

The Aesthetics of Power Michael Shurkin The Art of the Press Conference September, 2002

Drawing a Line in the Cheese Michael Shurkin Totalitarianism, kitsch, and Mamma Mia August, 2002

Edward Weston and the “M” Word Michael Shurkin What is modernism? July, 2002

Knowledge, Community, Irony, and Love Jay Michaelson What’s the difference between laughing with art and laughing at it? June, 2002

LIFELIKE COLLEGE NUDES Tom Slattery At college art classes, looking for the real art among the posing. May, 2002

Mystical Nazi Sex Gods Jay Michaelson What draws protesters to banal holocaust art? April, 2002


Run Like the Wind Jay Michaelson and Dan Friedman Two Zeek editors discuss running, spirituality, and Running the Spiritual Path December, 2003

Radical Evil Michael Shurkin Bernard Henri-Levy on the death of Daniel Pearl September, 2003

July, 2003 Symposium of Douglas Rushkoff’s Nothing Sacred The Sacred and the Profane Douglas Rushkoff and Jay Michaelson Douglas Rushkoff talks with Zeek about the future of Judaism July, 2003

Reinventing the Wheel Michael Shurkin A review of Douglas Rushkoff’s Nothing Sacred July, 2003

They Gonna Crucify Me Ken Applebaum A ‘lapsed Jew’ responds to Nothing Sacred July, 2003

Fiction, Essay and Memoir

Fleeing Edges Noam Mor December, 2003

Anything You Want to Be Ben Cohen July, 2003

Film, Theater, TV & Media

No Pulp Dan Friedman The superficial thrills of Kill Bill November, 2003

More than This Dan Friedman Lost in Translation: A snapshot of the evansescent October, 2003

Holocaust Video Testimonies Dan Friedman The other reality TV August, 2003

Simulacra and Science Fiction Dan Friedman May Tricks: Reel-or-Dead? June, 2003

Antifada Paratrooper Michael Kuratin The new Israeli smash hit May, 2003

Genuine Authentic Gangsta Flava Dan Friedman Ali G.: The Poseur’s Poseur April, 2003

What is Charlie Kaufman Doing? Dan Friedman The interdependence of fantasy and reality February, 2003

Far from Heaven: Excavating Paradise Peter Conklin and Dan Friedman Viewing the 1950s through its own fantastic prism January, 2003

Eminem & Class Rage Dan Friedman Will the star of 8 Mile be America’s next working class hero? December, 2002

Red Dragon: Light but no Heat Matt Huntington How Hollywood misunderstands fear November, 2002

Everybody wants to play with a bigger train set Dan Friedman How to be Spike Lee instead of another Clocker October, 2002

Fast Track from Ridgemont High Dan Friedman Sean Penn and intertextuality September, 2002

Keep Your Eyes Peeled Dan Friedman The limited vision of Minority Report August, 2002

Of Spiders and Clones Dan Friedman The personal politics of this summer’s blockbusters. June, 2002

The Nature of Authority Dan Friedman A review of “The Paradise Institute,” a meditation on frames, judgment, and power. May, 2002

9/11: Tony’s Story Dan Friedman CBS’s packaging of the ‘9/11’ documentary reveals exactly what America fails to understand about September 11. April, 2002

Domestic Violence in the Global Village Dan Friedman Frederick Wiseman takes us inside the pervasive, sinister institution of domestic violence. March, 2002

Upright Values Dan Friedman Cinema can help expose ourselves to the world, or it can seduce us to sit back and relax. February, 2002

Digitizing Celluloid Dan Friedman Harry Potter is cute, but is it a bad thing that adults crave escapism?

Jay’s Head

Energy Jay Michaelson What is ‘energy’? Is it nonsense? November, 2003

Season of Revision Jay Michaelson Changes of season and changes of heart October, 2003

What is Burning Man? Jay Michaelson Why Black Rock City matters September, 2003

The Queer Guy at the Strip Club Jay Michaelson or, The Opposite of Sex August, 2003

Meditation and Sensuality Jay Michaelson Sex, drugs, and God in all July, 2003

I hear America Bling-blinging Jay Michaelson Hypercapitalism as Satanism June, 2003

Constriction Jay Michaelson Dick Cheney and the New Age March, 2003

What the World is… Jay Michaelson …and what to do about it February, 2003

Quality of Life Jay Michaelson What my grandmother’s suffering teaches January, 2003

Go as Far as Possible Jay Michaelson Life beyond the idea of limits December, 2002

Are we all asleep? Jay Michaelson When life seems irresolvably absurd November, 2002

Top Ten Lessons for New Homosexuals Jay Michaelson Tips and advice from my first gay year October, 2002

The Warm, Impossible, Wall-less Summer World Jay Michaelson Summer days, summer nights are gone… September, 2002

The Ghost and the Machine Jay Michaelson Why is it easier to see God in nature than in the city? August, 2002

Loneliness and Faith Jay Michaelson Being at one with Being July, 2002

On Eighth Avenue in New York Jay Michaelson New York, full of life, a cure for loneliness. June, 2002

The Desert and the City and the Mall Jay Michaelson If the desert feeds the spirit, and Paris delights the senses, what does McDonald’s do? May, 2002

Cheap Jews try to Save the World Jay Michaelson Am I an environmentalist for the same reasons I don’t like to spend money? April, 2002

Skepticism Does Not Exist Jay Michaelson With stories today about space aliens and the power of prayer, what are the limits of your enlightened skepticism? March, 2002

How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Beatles Jay Michaelson When is it okay to like what the uncool kids like? January, 2002

Whoo Hoo! Jay Michaelson What can a guy shouting ‘whoo hoo!’ at a concert tell us about a life well lived? November, 2001

McDonald’s: A Better Opiate for the Masses? Jay Michaelson If crass capitalism stops us from killing each other, is it such a bad thing after all? October, 2001

Learning about the Meaning of Life at Kinko’s Jay Michaelson What’s the right perspective, close up where everything matters, or from a distance, where it doesn’t? August, 2001


Koby Israelite Matthue Roth From Israeli speed-metal to Jewish post-jazz November, 2003

With a Bible and a Gun Samuel Hayim Brody The prophetic justice of Johnny Cash October, 2003

Beats, Rhymes, and Nigguns Matthue Roth and Juez Four modern Orthodox breakbeat musicians on Jewish art May, 2003

I’m Hearing Music from a Different Time Zeek staff Zeek remembers Joe Strummer January, 2003

Eminem & Class Rage Dan Friedman Will the controversial rapper be America’s next working class hero? December, 2002

And the Jester Sang for the King and Queen Bex Schwartz How Weird Al changed my life, and Randy Newman changed the world. April, 2002

Sounds those Chimes of Freedom Bex Schwartz Mariah Carey? Bleagh! Where’s the next Country Joe & the Fish to protest the ‘New War’? March, 2002

Seeing Dylan and/or Divine Revelation Jay Michaelson Two related theories about Bob Dylan, or, a review of his November 19, 2001 show, in which divine revelation plays a significant role. December, 2001

Will the Strokes save Rock & Roll? Jay Michaelson Strokes, Hammerstein Ballroom, Halloween 2001. History in the making? November, 2001

Poetry and Dramatic Writing

re:vision Raphael Cohen November, 2003

Trembling Before You Matthue Roth September, 2003

Wisconsin Chanel Dubofsky September, 2003

Stones of Jerusalem David Goldstein August, 2003

Not Mentioned Hal Sirowitz July, 2003

I Wish I Was… Harbeer Sandhu June, 2003

fish rain Susan H. Case May, 2003

yom kippur Sara Seinberg April, 2003

The Reason for Jellyfish Hal Sirowitz March, 2003

Treasure Ron Mohring February, 2003

The Relentless Pull of Genetic Memory Dan Lupkin December, 2002

Driving Julia Glassman November, 2002

Repentance Poem #4 Matthue Roth October, 2002

four untitled poems Joseph Dobkin September, 2002

Hands Harvey August, 2002

Jealousy Matt Morris July, 2002

dick Matthue Roth June, 2002

Josh Ring’s Track Meet Josh Ring May, 2002

Experimental Values Shaun Hanson April, 2002

mako shark insanity! Adam Sontag March, 2002

Deep, Jewish Pain Andrea Liu February, 2002

Damp Memories Joseph Dobkin January, 2002


Four Israeli Intelligence Directors: The Yediot Interview A translation of the November, 2003, interview by an Israeli tabloid with four former Israeli intelligence directors. December, 2003

Are the Ten Commandments Really Carved in Stone? Joel Shurkin The ambiguous truth behind the two stone tablets, recently removed from Alabama’s judicial building. December, 2003

French Antisemitism Michael Shurkin Is France Antisemitic? November, 2003

Zionism and Colonialism Michael Shurkin Is Zionism Colonialism? June, 2003

Shtupping in the Shadow of the Bomb Marissa Pareles Jewish sex radicalism in the New World Order May, 2003

The Red-Green Alliance Dave Hyde The weird and worrying links between the radical Left and the Islamist Right April, 2003

Germanophobia Michael Shurkin Fearing the Germans for the Wrong Reasons April, 2003

The Other Rally Samuel Hayim Brody Confrontation and cooperation in the face of odious leaders February, 2003

Some things have changed, some have stayed the same Jay Michaelson Alienated politics in an age of ignorance December, 2002

Manufacturing Dissent Chad Beck For the Left’s voice to be heard, it needs to play by the rules November, 2002

The Polity Rachel Dobkin Overheard in Union Square, September 11, 2002 October, 2002

Mourning in America Samuel Hayim Brody Consuming September 11 September, 2002

Elephant Memory Jay Michaelson The most evil and deceitful administration in American history August, 2002

The Failure of Anti-Despotism Justin Weitz America’s shallow globalization strategy July, 2002

Finding a Place in the Minefield: American Jews and the Situation Samuel Hayim Brody Avoiding the obvious Jewish responses to the mideast crisis: a response to Jay Michaelson June, 2002

On Being a Leftist and a Zionist Jay Michaelson It’s a lonely world when you’re both an anti-globalization leftist and a Zionist. May, 2002

Enraged in the Enron Age Dan Friedman The rich are ripping us off! What are you gonna do about it? April, 2002

What’s your point? Samuel Hayim Brody A WEF Protester Tells You Why He Bothers March, 2002

Faces of Death Thomas Vinciguerra An exclusive interview with the close confidant of many world despots. February, 2002

Counterculture and Democracy Jay Michaelson The best guarantor of democracy is subversive, oppositional counterculture. January, 2002

Five Groups to be Angry at after September 11 Jay Michaelson There’s a lot of frustration in the air. Channel your rage at the people responsible for September 11 — and we don’t mean those cavemen in Afghanistan. December, 2001


Erev Temima Fruchter December, 2003

Run Like the Wind Jay Michaelson and Dan Friedman Two Zeek editors discuss running, spirituality, and Running the Spiritual Path December, 2003

Surrender Niles Goldstein November, 2003

Carrying Light into Dark Times Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi October, 2003

Primal Scream Judaism Temima Fruchter October, 2003

Angel-Man Abraham Mezrich September, 2003

My First Shabbos Jennifer Waters August, 2003

The Gifts of the German Jews Michael Shurkin Toward a postmodern Judaism August, 2003

Meditation and Sensuality Jay Michaelson June, 2003

When I Met Humility, I Saw Letters Abraham Mezrich June, 2003

The Mall Balloon-Man Moment of the Spirit Dan Friedman May, 2003

Miracles Abraham Mezrich March, 2003

What the World is… Jay Michaelson …and what to do about it February, 2003

sha’atnez Abraham Mezrich February, 2003

Josh Ring Does Stuff

Josh’s Jury Duty July, 2004

Josh Breaks his Finger June, 2004

Josh Hosts a Party March, 2004

Josh Almost Gets Cancer February, 2004

Josh Goes to the Hospital January, 2004

Josh Goes to Services December, 2003

Josh’s Jewish Reminders November, 2003

Josh’s Dinner in the Cafeteria October, 2003

Josh Gets his Checkup May, 2003

Josh Plays the Sitar April, 2003

Josh Visits the Holocaust Museum February, 2003

The Subway January, 2003

Josh Gets His Book December, 2002

Josh Ring Gets a Ride November, 2002

A Cold Front Was Supposed to be Moving In October, 2002

Josh Goes to the Zoo September, 2002

Dogs August, 2002

Mermaids on Parade July, 2002

Josh Ring Supports Israel June, 2002

Original Art and Photography Mica Scalin: Plague Cookies

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