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The Big Jewcy: Jesse Sposato, Founder and Editor of
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The Big Jewcy: Jesse Sposato, Founder and Editor of

Jesse Spostato, who describes herself in just one word as "sassy," involves herself in anything she can that leads to a sense of empowerment and strikes a balance between physical and mental stimulation. She launched Sadie Magazine and runs it with a few friends, because, she said, "there are so many strong women (and some men too) I admire that I want to interview and talk to, and I basically created my own platform in order to do so." She calls the site her "permission slip" to tell the stories she wants to tell. "The first time I asked for an interview that I thought was a stretch and then got it, it made me feel like you can do whatever you want. It was pretty amazing," she said. She said she’s Jewcy because "I always thought my nose was my best feature until my best friend pointed out that I have ‘a nose nose,’ meaning a big Jew nose," but also because she’s "pretty outgoing and doesn’tmind putting it out there," and said her experiences have taught her to "go for whatever it is you most want, because you may get lots of nos, but you might get that one yes, and you often do."

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