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Everything’s Coming Up Moses!

For the third year, Tablet Magazine is presenting Everything’s Coming Up Moses, a Broadway-themed Passover musical parody written by Rachel Shukert. Did we mention David Rakoff is playing God? We’ll let 92YTribeca, the event host, explain:

Everything’s Coming Up Moses is a musical retelling of the Jews’ flight from Egypt as seen through the larger-than-life journey of Moses, the original pushy stage mother. Through an irresistible blend of theatrical razzle-dazzle, old fashioned show biz moxie and soon-to-be classic show tune spoofs, Moses tirelessly shepherds the Children of Israel to the Promised Land—whether they like it or not.

The show is Wednesday, April 4 at 7:30 p.m. You can buy tickets here. As they say, “Lift the staff! Part the sea! We got nothin’ to do but be free!

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