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Lena and Jemima on Set and Taylor Swift Might Join ‘Girls’


Season 4 of Girls is in full production and filming throughout the streets of New York City. By the picture up top we see that Adam and Hannah are still going strong, despite her imminent trip to Iowa for her creative writing degree. All the while, the paparazzi have done their job of following the cast around their shoots, most recently capturing Dunham rockin’ her short shorts, and Queen Jemima being beautiful in her adorable outfit; worn lace boots, a floral dress and a cardigan…she’s just too cool.

To entertain season 4 rumors, it’s been speculated that Lena is in talks with her “bestie” Taylor Swift to not only play a character in the show, but also to write music. Maybe Taylor will play Marnie’s BFF. I could see that, could you? It’s also speculated that killer-eyebrows-girl/model Cara Delevingne will also cameo. Maybe a Bushwick model/junkie? Who knows. We shall see!

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