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See Daniel Radcliffe Pretend to Pretend to be a Neo-Nazi
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See Daniel Radcliffe Pretend to Pretend to be a Neo-Nazi


Daniel Radcliffe is, as it is said, a precious cinnamon roll. The Jewish actor has done everything, from Harry Potter, to Harry Potter for seven additional movies, to a flatulent semi-sentient corpse in Swiss Army Man. And now, in a bit of a turn, he stars in Imperium, a film about an FBI agent, Nate Foster who goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group, uncovering a terrorist plot.

Is it unsettling watching Radcliffe march with a shaved head? Sure, but his motives never seem called into question; Foster spends most of the trailer repulsed by the very people he’s supposed to befriend, and terrified of exposure.

You can watch the trailer below. It’s actually rather intense, with a lot of suspense crammed into two minutes. The film premieres in limited release, as well as on demand, August 19th.

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