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Shit Jews Say About Tim Tebow

I’ve taken issue with Tim Tebow in the past, and frankly, I still don’t think he’s a very good quarterback regardless of how far his team goes in the NFL playoffs.  The saddest part being that 2011 was one of the greatest years in the history of his position, and all we can talk about his Tebow, his faith, and how it makes us feel.  I personally can’t escape it, as I find myself looking at his week to week performance, caring enough to offer commentary.  Also, I’m frightened he’s close to converting some of my friends.

Regardless of all that, I’m still fascinated when somebody has a smart or interesting thing to say about “Tebow Time,” “Tebow Magic,” etc., and Marcus Cederstrom at Salon is the latest to take Tebow’s popularity, and asks a good question: “What if Tebow were Muslim?

I guess this could lead to more discussions asking what ifs about Tebow’s faith.  What if Tim Tebow stopped believing?  What if Tebow was into snake handling?  What if Tim Tebow was seen going to come out that he’s converting to Judaism on an episode of Shalom Sesame while Moshe Oofnik looks on in disgust?  There’s a million what ifs what we could dive into, but maybe we should stop for the time being?

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